Thoughts and Photos #38

We have quite a large hull today. Lots of photos from the last few months. Even some stuff from as far back as Christmas. That’s what happens when you load film into a camera and forget about it. Anywho…

I’ve been nudged by a friend (thanks Danny) to write more when I throw my photos out the window. That way, whoever finds them might have some idea what the hell they’re about, who took them, and why there are so many of bearded fellow with the hats (he’s my co-worker, roommate, and brother, Alex). I might write caption under a photo, a quote I liked(probably something to make me seem cool and really interesting) or some technical specs, for you nerds out there. What I’m getting at is that I’m not actually sure what this will look like, but I’ll find out.

I know the majority of the people reading this will be my mom and grandma, but just in case there is stranger reading this I’ll try to keep things as descriptive as possible, and not assume you know things about my personal life.

So if words and me guessing where punctuation goes doesn’t seem entertaining to you please continue onto the photos, and ignore the portion of this that’s giving me anxiety. And if pictures aren’t your bag, here’s a video of my humble beginnings.

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Thoughts and Photos #38