Thoughts and photos #27

I’ve been living in Columbus for about 8 weeks now. It’s safe to say that I’ve settled in.  It’s been lovely.

The things I enjoy most are the people, both old friends and new. Whether it’s having discussions with Tim Crowe, while he works. Or playing third wheel with Danny and Lindsay Lebsock. Or hanging out with people I meet on the other side of the world. So many good memories already.

Columbus and it’s occupance have made this undeserving boy feel blessed.


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Thoughts and photos #26

I’ve recently got into medium format film.

Last week I developed my first roll and I’m really enjoying the results.

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Thoughts and photos #24

I took a some shots of One Church Music a few weeks back. They are fantastic musicians and songwriters, but more than that, they’re the best of people.
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