Thoughts and Photos #44

There a ton photos this time around, and they come from all over the place. I’ll attach stories to some, to others you’ll just have to guess what went down .

My friend, Ean Hammond, rides bikes. His last ride of the season was in Detroit, and he invited me to tag along. Obviously, I was giddy because his last bike race went so well (you can check it out HERE) and it had been a long while since I’d been to Detroit. So we strapped his bike to my Civic (the PDC, if you’re nasty) and made our way to the motor city.DSC02377DSC02379DSC02405DSC02407DSC02414DSC02420DSC02424DSC02437DSC02456DSC02485DSC02560DSC02597DSC02630DSC02651DSC02683DSC02706DSC02715DSC02750These next few shots are from a roll of 120 that had been sitting on my desk for months, waiting for it’s time to be developed. To give you an idea of how long it had been sitting there, most of these photos are from the Fourth of July.  img337img340img341img342img343img344img346img347DSC03451DSC03471DSC03472DSC03475DSC03476DSC03481DSC03482DSC03487DSC03491DSC03500DSC03014DSC03022DSC03039DSC03061DSC03195DSC03198DSC03201DSC03208DSC03212DSC03214DSC03240DSC03248DSC03258DSC03280DSC03284DSC03303DSC03330DSC03373DSC03375DSC03381DSC04180DSC04185DSC04205DSC04212DSC04220DSC04222DSC04233DSC04242DSC04253DSC04258DSC04282DSC04286DSC04320DSC04323DSC04330DSC04336DSC04339DSC04343DSC04347DSC04350DSC04353DSC04355My family is a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re great. Sometimes they’re stressful. One constant through it all is humor. I attribute that solely to my grandfather. He was a funny guy and his humor permeates the family.

After my grandfathers funeral, we went to my grandmothers house for lunch. We were all there, as a family. My grandma was put in charge for saying grace for the meal. As much as my grandfather was known for humor, my grandmother was known for being a brick wall of emotion. She hadn’t shed a single tear all day, but as she started to pray, her voice broke. The wall had fallen. I had never seen her cry before. And in the quiet of the living room my uncle Andy says “Really? Now? Now is when you breakdown?!?” Everyone lost it. Laughs. Tears. My grandpa was there.DSC04358DSC04361DSC04365DSC04367DSC04579DSC04586DSC04595DSC04610DSC04614DSC04616My mom fell flat on her face. Top 10 funniest things that I’ve ever seen. img352img351img358img363img364img355img354img353img359img360img362img366img367img368img369img370img371img372img373img374img375img376img377img380img381img382img383img384img385img386


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