Thoughts and Photos #41

Do you know that feeling when you in a place and you just feel lucky to be there? Like a kid who gets to eat at the grown-up table for the first time? That’s how I felt during my trip to the Grand Canyon. I joined my boss, pastor, and friend, Konan Stephens on his attempt to run from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim and back. His attempt was successful and I had the pleasure of documenting it. I’m in the process of editing a short doc about it, that I’ll share soon, but in the meantime…DSC01659DSC01665DSC01670DSC01673DSC01675DSC01678DSC01681DSC01688DSC01694DSC01694-2DSC01728DSC01731DSC01733DSC01734DSC01735DSC01738DSC01740DSC01742DSC01745DSC01752DSC02630DSC02643DSC02653DSC02655DSC02659DSC02672DSC02675DSC02676DSC02677DSC02677-2DSC02690DSC02699DSC02719DSC02722DSC02738DSC02747DSC02748DSC02750DSC02758DSC02760DSC02761DSC02777DSC02782DSC02782-2DSC02787DSC02795DSC02803DSC02806DSC02809DSC02834DSC03463DSC03466DSC03471DSC03473DSC03481DSC03484DSC03486DSC03487Thus ends the photos of my trip, on with my personal photos. DSC01326DSC01328DSC01356And now starts the film portion of our programming.

This roll was sitting in the bottom of a bag that I only just recently discovered.

The definition of  a happy surprise.


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