Thoughts and Photos #34

I got half a ton of photos from the last six months to drop.


dsc05851dsc05861dsc05880dsc05887dsc05893dsc05894dsc05902dsc05903dsc05911dsc05912dsc05916dsc05923dsc05935dsc05938dsc05950dsc07291dsc07297dsc07300dsc07313dsc07316dsc07322dsc07326dsc07350dsc07373dsc07375dsc07391dsc07393dsc07398dsc07409dsc07415dsc07417dsc07422dsc07426dsc07441dsc07446dsc07448dsc07456img114img118img123img124img134img135img138-2img138-4img139img140img142img143img145img148img150img151img155img157img159img160img161img162img163img164img165img166img167img169img170img175I’ve been more preoccupied with if I’m good enough to do this than actually doing it.

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